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StressHead AG was formed in 1999, when we developed an innovative post-tensioning system for the structural strengthening of existing buildings and civil engineering structures such as bridges. Structural earthquake resistance re-engineering, changes to industrial facilities and upgrading high-rise buildings are now also key applications of our systems. With our young and dynamic team we are active from Switzerland on the national and international markets, where we carry out strengthening works and monitor projects both large and small for our clients. Our goal is the sustainable strengthening of buildings and infrastructure with innovative solutions in order to preserve and adapt them to any new stresses and standards that arise.

The StressHead CarboStress system is unique and patented, ‘StressHead’ is its English name and our company name StressHead AG, reflects our innovative product development of the same name. In December 2000 we were awarded the CTI Start-up Label by the Swiss Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology, Committee for Technology and Innovation.

If you are interested in learning more about the StressHead CarboStress post-tensioning system, then we will happily provide you with more information or arrange to discuss it in more detail with you in relation to your project. Additional information and news items can also be found on this website under ‘Uses’ or ‘Downloads’.


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Leumattstrasse 33 -  CH-6006 Lucerne

T: +41 41 210 40 30

stresshead@stresshead.ch - www.stresshead.ch