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Tendon (CFRP plate)

Hydraulic cylinder for tensioning

Tensioning anchor

Fixed anchor

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If you are interested in our products, a partnership, or even a licence to use our systems in your business, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


We support and advise owners and their full professional construction team of Architects, Engineers and Contractors from the early project conceptual phase, through detailed design with full documentation and value engineering, with practical training and support for installation on site, right through to successful completion.


For these completed structures we produce specific as-built project drawings and on request can provide regular inspection and maintenance checks. Based on our active follow-up of projects, we therefore give you guaranteed quality and the optimal solution for your project. As we have been active in such structural strengthening works since 1999, your project will benefit from the expertise and experience we have acquired.


Our partners, whose employees are also trained and qualified by StressHead, are now able to make independent use of our products all over the world. Regional meetings are held locally to promote regular exchanges of know-how and maintain and continuously review the highest quality standards worldwide. We see the importance of exchanging experience and continuing to develop and improve systems whenever possible. Specific ‘tailor-made’ project solutions can therefore make best use of our post-tensioning systems.

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T: +41 41 210 40 30

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